This page showcases the robber that can be used with the Settlers of Catan board game.

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The robber is laser cut and etched out of birch.
The robber starts out the game on the desert tile.
The robber is similar to a pip. It displays the numeral 7 in the center, as one of the ways the robber is activated is by rolling a 7. The 7 is surrounded by a dark, recessed ring which itself has inscribed the 6 possible dice rolls that will result in a 7.
On the back of the robber, two notches have been etched out. The notches are to make it easy to place the robber down in the exact center of a tile, and to prevent slippage once down. They fit into the corresponding recessed ring of each pip.
The robber has two cut-out areas to make it possible to identify the pip underneath.

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