This is a custom frame for the Settlers of Catan board game.

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The biggest frustration when playing Catan is the little cardboard tiles shift and move around while you play. This frame keeps everything fixed in place. You can now take Catan outside and play it on a patio table, or even on the grass.

Designed to fit the Mayfair 4th edition tiles (red box). Note: this item does not include the game itself. The game tiles and pieces are pictured here to provide an example of what it looks like in action.

Custom designed, precision-cut and etched by lasers, this frame is made of beautiful birch, clear-coated for durability and protection from moisture, and backed by thick leather. I love to play Catan, and I hope the love and care I put into this frame is evident.
The frame can fold up for convenient transportation and storage
Sometimes when playing a board game, you need to move the game off the table you were using (for meals, when guests come over, etc). With this frame, you are able to to pick up and relocate a game in progress.
Measurements: 53cm x 48cm (21in x 19in), 6mm deep

Limitations: this is designed for the 4 player version, not the 6 player expansion.

Please see my blog, Boardcrafting for more background information.