This is a custom playing surface for the Dominion board game.

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Three different designs are available, "Golden Future", "Apollo's Garden", and "Lyrical Scabbard"

Designed to fit the cards of the official Dominion board game. The cards have been included here in some photos to provide an example of what everything looks like in action. All card text and artwork is copyright the publishers of the official board game. They are used here under Fair Use.

Custom designed, precision-cut and etched by lasers, this caddy is made of beautiful birch, clear-coated for durability and protection from moisture. I love to play Dominion, and I hope the love and care I put into this piece of art is evident.

Optionally available with a felt backing.

Loaded with the usual 10-card decks

Measurements: 36cm x 15cm (14in x 6in), 6mm deep

Please see my blog, Boardcrafting for more background information.

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