This is a custom board for the Settlers of Catan board game. It includes a frame, a set of hexagonal tiles, a set of pips, and a set of ports.

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The board is made of birch.
Designed to fit the Mayfair 4th edition tiles (red box).
The board is sanded and clear-coat varnished for durability and protection from moisture.
The angle of the light, the angle of the viewer, and the angle of the wood grain determine how shiny it looks.
The board also comes with a set of "ports" that fit into recesses along th perimeter of the frame.
Custom designed, precision-cut and etched by lasers, the frame is backed by thick leather.
Measurements: 53cm x 48cm (21in x 19in), 6mm deep

Please see my blog, Boardcrafting for more backstory and information on how to buy one for yourself.